This position carries the primary focus of establishing and then maintaining a new Production assembly line, including all feeder subassembly cells, to ensure that the Line’s workflows consistently and safely meets the TAKT and profitability goals of the Company.  


This position will be part of a focused Special Operations Team.  Due to the high expectations on this team, it is critical that this person provides inspirational leadership, teamwork and daily excellence to deliver organizational goals and objectives, originally and specifically related to the creation and running of an exciting new Program, but applicable to other subsequent Programs.  Building organizational bridges across functional teams through positive, well communicated, professional and results-oriented strategies will be requisite to achieving success.  

• Responsible for establishing the Program’s Production assembly line layout needed for the successful and profitable production TAKT of one (1) trailer per week within the first 6 months, up to two (2) per week by the end of the first year and up to six (6) per week thereafter.
• Responsible for creating and then reworking the Line’s layout, without significant disruptions to flow or efficiencies, as efficiencies and TAKT increase throughout Program’s life.
• Responsible for creating an effective and efficient flow for incoming raw parts, parts storage and delivery to both subassembly and Line Station locations, as well as the movement of completed subassemblies to their next in-process staging.
• Responsible for the safe storage of all parts.
• Responsible for the creation, and sometimes building, of jigs and fixtures needed by the Line to ensure TAKT, budgeted per-unit hours and quality are met.
• Continuously improve build processes and flow to improve efficiencies.
• Work with Team, especially the Process Specialist position, to ensure balanced process flow and scheduled TAKT are met.
• Clearly articulate and illustrate build needs to FAB and Assembly for construction of needed jigs, fixtures and other constructions required for build-out of Line.
• Identify all tooling and equipment needs.  Complete ROI analyses to justify purchases.

Tactical Execution:
• Use the strategic/planning tools developed above to meet the Company’s overall goals.
• Assessing Program’s progress and determining when skillsets and efforts of this position would have a better return for Nomad if they were also used to improve areas outside of the Program.

• Report directly to the Special Operations’ Team Manager.
• Work hand-in-hand with other members of the Special Operations Team.
• Work with Production Line techs so that they understand designed layouts, tooling and flow.
• Works with Supply Chain Department to ensure flow of parts are efficient.

• Associate Degree in Process Layout, Industrial Engineering or other related courses of study. BA/BS and/or directly related documentable and verifiable real-world experience required.
• Demonstrated strong leadership skills and team-building.
• Excellent PC skills and knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite applications.  Familiarity with ERP systems is a plus.  
• Excellent math skills.
• Working knowledge in Production workflow layouts.
• Ability to read CAD drawings.
• Knowledge of Lean and/or Six Sigma preferred.

The Company's reputation for professionalism in and outside of the workplace is something that Nomad highly values.  It is Nomad’s belief that a professionally run company establishes a healthy setting for the company to thrive financially and socially as related to the company's activities and interactions within the local community. 

As an organization that values all of our internal and external customers, we set our operating standards to ensure that all team members are committed to consistently behaving in a manner that demonstrates our Professional and Personal Competencies in all their interactions. 
• Embodies Nomad’s Core Values.
• Works well in a schedule-driven environment.
• Works well in a team environment while focusing on individual tasks and priorities, utilizing highly effective time management skills. 
• Self-motivated, detail oriented, highly organized and able to work independently.
• Consistently demonstrates a high level of professionalism and leadership.  Self-assesses and is self-aware of personal gaps and developmental opportunities, both technically and behaviorally.
• Ability to develop people and create motivated, passionate, high-performing work teams.  
• Innovative, creative, self-starter, dependable, responsible, and accountable. 
• Committed to learning in order to improve personal effectiveness.  
• Consistently delivers outstanding results.  
• Earns the trust and respect of subordinates and uses that trust to drive organizational effectiveness.  
• Excellent communication skills, both as a speaker and as a listener.  Effective across departments as well as with external Customers and Vendors. 
• Demonstrates a positive attitude and helps to build morale of Team.
• Incorporates an adaptive leadership style to meet demands of the current work environment and needs.  Operate as a change agent to drive continual improvements.
• Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills, both oral and written. 
• Metal and/or woodworking skills.  Ability to communicate design needs as well as personally construct Layout components as needed.

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