The PROCESS SPECIALIST carries the primary focus of establishing processes and systems to ensure that the Production work flow is balanced and meets the TAKT and budgetary requirements for each Program.  This position will also be responsible for creating measurable metrics that will be directly used in the creation of a potential profit sharing program.


This position will be part of a focused Special Operations Team.  Due to the high expectations on this team, it is critical that this person provides inspirational leadership, teamwork and daily excellence to deliver organizational goals and objectives, originally and specifically related to the creation and running of an exciting new Program, but applicable to other subsequent Programs. Building organizational bridges across functional teams through positive, well communicated, professional and results-oriented strategies will be requisite to achieving success.  

• Responsible for establishing the Program’s processes and measurement tools needed for the successful and profitable production TAKT of one (1) trailer per week within the first 6 months, up to two (2) per week by the end of the first year and up to six (6) per week thereafter.
• Responsible for creating and rebalancing work flow, without significant disruptions to flow or efficiencies, as efficiencies and TAKT increase throughout Program’s life.
• Work with Team, including Finance Department, to ensure Program is managed within budgets.  
• Create Dashboards for weekly (minimum) reporting to Team of key metrics (ie. Line’s output, DL/IDL hours, COGS, quality, efficiency gains).  
• Use data to establish and measure profit sharing incentive’s program, as developed by Special Operations Team.

• Use the strategic/planning tools developed above to meet the Company’s overall priorities and goals.  
• Assessing Program’s progress and determining when skill sets and efforts of this position would have a better return for Nomad if they were also used to improve areas outside of the Program.

• Report directly to the Special Operations Team Manager.
• Works hand-in-hand with other members of the Special OPS Team.
• Works with Production techs to balance work flow and clearly communicate TAKT requirements.
• Works with Finance to ensure actual and budgetary results are consistent, accurate and timely.
• Works with Supply Chain to ensure flow of parts are efficient and timely.


• Manufacturing environment, work station may be located in an open area within the plant.  
• Temperature inside the building may fluctuate depending on the outside temperature.  

• Ability to spend the majority of the day walking at a fast pace throughout the manufacturing facility.
• Ability to climb inside the units, under the units, and often times on top of the units for inspection purposes.
• Ability and willingness to utilize all PPE required to perform duties safely.  

• Documented and verifiable past work experience equivalent to an Associates Degree in process control, supply chain, business, finance, engineering, industrial engineering, or other related courses of study preferred. BA/BS preferred.
• Demonstrated strong leadership skills and team-building.
• 3+ years of process controls and/or process cost controls experience strongly desired.
• Excellent PC skills and knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite applications and custom purchasing/production (ERP) databases.  
• Excellent math skills.  Ability to make real-world decisions based upon data/calculations.
• Working knowledge in project scheduling, work flow and work balancing.
• Ability to read CAD drawings.
• Knowledge of Lean and/or Six Sigma preferred.

The Company's reputation for professionalism in and outside of the workplace is something that Nomad highly values.  It is Nomad’s belief that a professionally run company establishes a healthy setting for the company to thrive financially and socially as related to the company's activities and interactions within the local community. 

As an organization that values all of our internal and external customers, we set our operating standards to ensure that all team members are committed to consistently behaving in a manner that demonstrates our Professional and Personal Competencies in all their interactions. 
• Embodies Nomad’s Core Values.
• Works well in a schedule-driven environment.
• Works well in a team environment while focusing on individual tasks and priorities, utilizing highly effective time management skills. 
• Self-motivated, detail oriented, highly organized and able to work independently.
• Consistently demonstrates a high level of professionalism and leadership.  Self-assesses and is self-aware of personal gaps and developmental opportunities, both technically and behaviorally.
• Ability to develop people and create motivated, passionate, high-performing work teams.  
• Innovative, creative, self-starter, dependable, responsible, and accountable. 
• Committed to learning in order to improve personal effectiveness.  
• Consistently delivers outstanding results.  
• Earns the trust and respect of subordinates and uses that trust to drive organizational effectiveness.  
• Excellent communication skills, both as a speaker and as a listener.  Effective across departments as well as with external Customers and Vendors. 
• Demonstrates a positive attitude and helps to build morale of Team.
• Incorporates an adaptive leadership style to meet demands of the current work environment and needs.  Operate as a change agent to drive continual improvements.
• Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills, both oral and written. 

This is a full time, permanent position that qualifies for a full benefits package.

Wage and schedule will be discussed at the time of interview.  

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