The purpose of the Facilities/Maintenance position is to keep Nomad’s Facilities in clean and orderly condition. Nomad’s Facilities should at all times be in the condition that would be expected if customers were to walk through the door. Because our goal is to keep a clean and orderly environment for all of our Team Members and our customers, we must strive for excellence. By having clean Facilities, we are able to encourage an upbeat and positive atmosphere, which is where productivity thrives. Therefore, the purpose of the Facilities/Maintenance position is to create the previously described environment by assuring clean Facilities, striving for excellence, and exceeding expectations in all areas.

Daily Tasks:
• Vacuum
• Bathroom Cleaning
• Checking Status of Cleaning Supplies
• Miscellaneous Tasks for Other Team Members
• Other Projects as Assigned

Weekly Tasks:
• Deep Cleaning Bathrooms/Break rooms
• Gather and Empty Trash
• Dusting
• Mopping
• Some Seasonal Jobs
• Inventory supplies for Production break room
• Other Projects as Assigned

Monthly Tasks:  
• Glass (Window) Cleaning – Every 3 Months
• Other Projects as Assigned
• Basic Shop Maintenance (Fans, Heaters, Garage Doors, Etc.)
• Compliance checks – eye wash stations, fire extinguishers, etc.  

As Needed:  
• Remove snow and ice from sidewalks, driveways, or parking areas, using snowplows, snow blowers, or snow shovels or spread snow/ice melting chemicals.  
• Mowing grassy areas around the building.
• Fixing Basic Appliances upon breaking.
• Other Projects as Assigned

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

Facilities/Maintenance team member must be able to perform the following duties.    

• Must be able to efficiently and correctly complete their assigned duties with little to no supervision.   
• Must fully adhere to the safety requirements of the shop as well as being an ever-present example of all safety standards that have been established by Nomad.  They must also be active within the daily implementation of the shop’s safety standards, ensuring that all other personnel are adhering to the guidelines as well as working with management and their teams to create a safer shop environment.  
• Must have an active role within the implementation and adherence of established cleanliness guidelines of the entire organization.  
• Must learn the daily requirements of working within a team environment (safety, cleanliness, timeliness, honesty, integrity, teamwork) and assist in strengthening the team in both an adherence of these principles as well as individual growth within these areas.
• Must be willing to work with others in a peaceful and efficient manner.
• Must be willing and able to work odd hours as needed.
• Must abide by all of Nomad’s Policies and Procedures.
• Must be willing to perform additional duties and tasks as assigned by supervisor. 

Schedule is 20 - 25 hours per week

Wage is $12.00 per hour
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