The chief function of the IT Project Engineer is to transform the Bid documentation from Marketing and Sales, Engineering, and other departments into a set of build documents, training documents, configurations, processes and procedures, and a Build of Materials (BOM) to meet and exceed a customer’s operational goals for the communication requirements of their project.

 The documentation and tools that the IT Project Engineer will create will include, but will not be limited to:

  • A comprehensive Cable Runs spreadsheet that will show source and destination locations of all IT related cabling
  • A Rack Layout spreadsheet that will show the mounting location and rack shelf designations of all equipment that will be mounted in the electronic(s) rack(s)
  • A comprehensive Equipment Interconnects spreadsheet which will show all of the in-rack patches and patch cable types between different rack-mounted in the vehicle
  • An Antenna Layout spreadsheet which will show the physical mounting locations of all RF antennas on the roof of the vehicle
  • A Network Configuration spreadsheet which documents all equipment related IP addresses, serial numbers, and login credentials
  • A Cable Test spreadsheet which will include all homerun cables that will need to be tested, and
  • An Equipment Test spreadsheet which will include all installed IT-related equipment and antennas that will need to be tested during the Testing phase of the build

In addition, all correspondence and engineering processes will be documented in a project-specific OneNote notebook, and additional Visio block diagrams will be created.

The IT Project Engineer is responsible to:

  • Release the above documents, Build of Materials, and processes and procedures to the IT Integration Team and the Procurement staff
  • To assist in any changes or updates to the documents in a timely manner
  • To work with the IT Integration Team to meet the Project completion and Test Phase dates agreed upon by the Project Management team during Project Meetings
  • To complete device specific configurations required for the equipment to properly meet the customer's operational goals contained within the Build Specification
  • To complete final testing and "sign off" of each vehicle that leaves Nomad


Perform in all aspects of the business including:
  1. information systems engineering
  2. documentation creation
  3. research & design
  4. reverse engineering
  5. component selection
  6. training of end user or other Nomad employees
  7. project management
  8. and provide troubleshooting and end product support.
  • Design, analyze and build prototypes that meet product requirements and customer
  • Perform validation and verification testing and coordinate testing with Sales and Production 
  • Contribute to, review and  provide feedback on specifications and conceptual drawings
  • Manage IT project engineering  from conception level through release for production
  • Highlights Internal Technical Review (ITR) questions from original Specs & PNs
  • Contribute to the External Technical Review (ETR) meeting with the end customer and Sales and Marketing
  • Finalizes Specs and PNs from pre-change orders
  • Conduct R&D on items not identified or being considered within change items
  • Update questions in Specs and PNS
  • Coordinate with Sales, any necessary, additional clarifying meetings with Client, as needed
  •  Provide after hours technical support for clients according to IT Engineering rotation.


  • Experience in voice and data networking
  • In depth knowledge and experience with Microsoft Office Professional 2007
  • Must have experience designing and implementing network design
  • Must have experience with writing configurations for different communication equipment
  • Must have experience in an end-user, technical support role
  • Advanced computer skills to facilitate in GUI, CLI, and application-based configuration of equipment
  • Must have good planning, organization, communication skills and be team oriented
  • Cisco CCNA, CCNA-Voice, CCNA security certifications or greater preferred
Wage is $17.00 - $19.23 per hour starting, raises are structured over the course of a year as experience and responsibilities increase.  First one at 90 days, another at 1 year if certifications and expectations are met.  

This is a full time Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. position; full benefits package including group health insurance, voluntary benefits, 401k, PTO, and paid holidays.  
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